Last modified: June 10, 2020

The Workflow page is the last step of the Build/Edit Forms wizard. There are two web parts, Workflow and Miscellaneous. The Workflow page allows an HR Actions Administrator to select the minimum number of approval levels, the active date range, and the manual intervention rules for the form under construction.

Sage HRMS HR Actions Build/Edit Form - Step 8 Workflow

Minimum Approval Levels

Select the minimum number of Operational, Executive, and HR approval levels required for this form. The maximum number of possible approvers was set in the Parameters page. The minimum number for a given form is set here. Based on the data that is entered into the form, Business Rules may cause more approvals above this minimum to be required for that specific Action. You must select at least one approver.

Additional Approvers

Check the boxes for any additional approvers you wish to enforce on all actions with this form. These forms will be routed to these additional approvers regardless of any business rules that may have been established for the H level approvers. The number of additional approvers that appear and the labels that are assigned are set up in the Parameters and Approval Sequences menus.

Exclude O Approvers

This option allows the global settings defined under Define Excluded ‘O’ approvers to be overridden at the form level. See Settings, Parameters for more information about Define Excluded ‘O’ approvers. There are three options:

  • Exclude All – Accepts the default global settings. Any employee defined as an excluded ‘O’ approver will be excluded from the approval sequence for any action created using this form.
  • Include O1 – This option overrides the global setting by including in the approval sequence an excluded ‘O’ approver if under the circumstance, that approver is the O1 approver.
  • Include All – Ignores the default global settings. No ‘O’ approvers will be excluded from the approval sequence for any action created using this form.

Skip Approver

This option allows the global skip approver rule to be overridden at the form level. The skip approver setting is used by the Scheduler to skip an approver after the number of hours established in the parameter has passed. There are three options:

  • Default Interval – The default global setting is used by the scheduler.
  • Never – The default global setting is overridden by selecting this option, and the scheduler will never skip
  • Custom Interval – The scheduler will use the interval (hours) entered on the form.

Final Approvers

In addition to routing an action to those approvers defined in above under Minimum Approval Levels and those conditionally triggered by Business Rules, any action can be routed to up to four Final Approvers.

  • Final Approvers are appended to the end of the approval sequence.
  • If an action is routed to an individual based on Minimum Approval Levels or Business Rules and that individual is also a Final Approver, they will approve the action twice.
  • Final approvals are routed in the order the fields appear on the screen.
  • Final approvers can be set to the employee, the manager, the individual that initiates the action, or a Custom Approver as defined in the User Defined Fields page, and added on Build Forms Step 6.
  • If a Final Approver’s “Approve Only” checkbox is selected, this Approver will only be allowed to approve an action
    when it is sent to them. Return to Previous Approver, Return to Initiator, and Disapprove actions will be disabled