Verify Location and State of Sage HRMS or Abra Suite Data

Last modified: June 10, 2020

Sage HRMS or Abra Suite should be properly configured before Sage HRMS HR Actions is configured. This includes the

  • Employer Setup and Organization Levels defined
  • Codes populated including Job Codes
  • Employee data populated including assignment to Organization Levels and Primary Supervisor

If Sage HRMS is being installed for the first time and the configuration is not yet complete, it may make sense to wait until the employee data has been converted (or entered) before proceeding with the installation of Sage HRMS HR Actions.

Verify the Sage HRMS or Abra Suite data is ready for Sage HRMS HR Actions. It is a best practice to restore a backup copy of production data into the Sage HRMS Sample database or Abra Suite Sample folder and use this data for the initial configuration and testing of Sage HRMS HR Actions. Locating a copy of the production data in the default sample company data locations will enable the project team to test the saving of actions to Sage HRMS or Abra Suite.

Your certified Sage HRMS HR Actions implementation consultant will guide you through the process of purging test transactions from the HR Actions database and repointing Sage HRMS HR Actions to production data once the setup and testing is complete.